Supervisor’s Corner

Information for Burleigh Township residents about what’s new and progress on current initiatives.

June 4, 2023

Township Clean-up

The township clean-up was a success, as a lot of trash was collected. The scrap tire collection was phenomenal, as we were able to completely fill our trailer. Sherman Township had a trailer there that was also filled, but I figured we did a better stacking job so we probably collected more tires. So I’m calling it a victory for Burleigh. Winners and still champions!!!

Joking aside, it was nice to get with our neighboring township and get rid of so many scrap tires. Excellent job, Sherman Township.

Dust Control

The dust control company and the Road Commission are patiently waiting for enough rain to get some moisture in the road surface. We’ll get the dust control applied as soon as possible. If it’s put on dry roads it won’t last long enough to complain about it. 

Pray for some rain, the crops could use a drink too.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

May 18, 2023

Dust Control

The dust control will start to be applied after the road commission finishes with the graveling jobs. We’ll still need some moisture in the road surface for the dust control to work properly. I appreciate your patience. Some of the roads are very dusty which is an indicator of the lack of moisture.

Spring Planting

With the cost of fertilizer being extremely high the farms are using as much manure as possible to offset costs. Yes, it stinks. Yes it gets on the road. I have been in contact with one of the farms and they are trying to keep the mess to a minimum but they can only do so much. They are going to scrape the mud and manure off the roads as soon as possible. Something to keep in mind is that we all like to eat and most of our food comes from farms.

Solar Farms

There is a lot of talk of solar farms in our area. Our planning commission is working diligently to try to get ahead of this and get some regulations in place. These farms won’t smell bad or cause a mess on the road but they also don’t produce much food either. Well ok, none. Maybe cattle and hogs can be raised under the solar panels. I have to think this would cause quite a “fiasco” ( which is the Latin word for “fiasco”.)

Clean-Up Day

The Township clean-up day and scrap tire collection will be held on June 3rd at the Keystone Mining property on the west side of M-65 about a mile north of Arenac County. Sherman Township will be collecting tires with us and they’ll have their own trailer. Since Township pride is at stake here,we’ll want to get as many scrap tires as we can. We don’t want to come in second on our home field. 

As of this writing it turns out there’s only 237 shopping days until Christmas. It might be a good time to lay in some fruit cakes and Isotoner gloves before it’s too late. Here’s hoping you beat the rush,

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

April 29, 2023

Dust Control

It appears that the State of Michigan Department of Environment-Great Lakes and Energy has decided to somehow regulate dust control material used on dirt roads. Push back from various communities and road commissions have slowed the plans for now, but I suspect we’ll be taking up the tail pipe as soon as possible.

Alabaster Road Bridge

Mr. Bruce Bolen of the ICRC has informed me that currently the Alabaster Road bridge project will be up for bids in November of 2023 with a projected start of summer 2024. This is a nearly 2 million dollar project, and the longer it takes the more chance the state will find somewhere else to use the funding that was supposed to be set aside. Anyone who has some sizeable treated wood and planking that can be used for cribbing and decking might want to put it aside in case we need to fix the bridge ourselves. Just kidding. OK maybe not.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

April 6, 2023

The Roads

A couple of warm days and some rain has the worms coming up from the depths so that means the frost is pretty much gone. Me and the (much) better half took a ride around the township to check road conditions and get a list prepared for road improvements. If you think your road needs work (who doesn’t) please let me or a board member know.

Dust Control

Dust control will be applied by the same company as last year. I feel they did a good job, but please remember that the weather plays a huge role in product performance. So before anyone starts throwing darts, please remember that we’re doing our best.

Township Website

As always, this website is here to try to keep residents informed. If you want to find out about anything that may affect you and yours please check here or contact any of the board of trustees. Facebook, twitter, you-tube and whatever else may be out there, but this website is here for you to get the info you require. Call, email, come to meetings. We work for you. Thanks for reading.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

March 13, 2023

Planning Commission

There will be a special meeting of the planning commission to discuss a proposed cell tower in the township. It’ll likely be at or near the end of  March. More info as it becomes available.

Mosquito Control

The township board is contemplating mosquito control and has listened to a presentation from a company that does that. We’ll likely send notification of when we’ll be discussing this so we can get as much community feedback as possible. As spring fast approaches this might be something to think about.

The Roads

Yes the roads are horrible but the ICRC can’t do much until the frost is out and the road surface dries. Have mercy on your vehicles. Slow down and be careful. 

Township Meetings

As always, township board meetings are the first Tuesday of the month. If there are changes due to elections or whatever there will be a notice posted at the hall and I’ll try to get the info in the “Upcoming Events/Notices” section of the website.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

March 5, 2023

Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund (MIHAF)

If you’re facing a financial hardship directly related to COVID-19, you may qualify for assistance through the Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund (MIHAF).

For more information, go to Here you can find everything you need to get started, including the application.

Alabaster Road Bridge

I received an update from Bruce Bolen of the Iosco County Road Commission concerning the Alabaster Road bridge. It reads: 

The latest schedule update I received from MDOT is the bridge replacement on Alabaster Road will be bid on November 3, 2023.  I haven’t seen a proposed progress schedule for the construction, but I would guess construction will not start until Spring 2024.

I will keep you posted as I receive more information.

Zoning Ordinance Information

The Burleigh Township Zoning Ordinance documents are now available online. Make sure you read over the table of contents so you know which section to click on to find what you are looking for. You can access this information as well as zoning permit applications at

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

January 16, 2023

Scrap Tire Collection

Well, we’re halfway through January and so far snowmobiling has been less than stellar. Since I don’t have a snowmobile I guess it doesn’t matter. I think inland lake ice might be safe for ice fishing, so if you’re so inclined I’d like to say that if you catch too many I may be able to help you out with that.

At any rate, I received word from EGLE that we’ve been awarded a $3,000 grant to collect scrap tires again this spring. We’ll most likely be holding the tire collection and township clean-up at the same time. The date will be announced when we get it decided.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

Zoning Enforcement

Speaking of clean-up days: our planning commission has been diligently working on bringing our ordinances up to date, and I believe they’re getting close to being done. One thing your board of trustees has been discussing is an enforcement officer. There are some properties in the township that need attention due to garbage and junk being on the property. We also have a problem with non-conforming building projects that are in violation of the zoning ordinance. I’m in the process of setting up a meeting with our township legal counsel to get our proverbial ducks in a row so we can legally proceed. The board will likely send out letters to inform township residents of the  zoning enforcement plans. We’re also setting up a regular schedule for planning commission meetings, and that schedule will be posted when it’s developed.

With inflation being what it is and the price of eggs being what they are, those of us with laying hens might want to padlock the hen house. Just saying.  That’s all for now. Keep the heat on and enjoy the rest of winter. Best regards…

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

December 10, 2022

Alabaster Road Bridge

As far as I know, the bridge is slated to be put out for bids sometime in 2023. It’ll be part of a bridge bundle package. No other info as of recently on the project.

Zoning Changes

The planning commission has been working on updating the township’s zoning ordinance manual. A short drive around the township will reveal the trash/garbage/junk problem that has been festering for some time. The updated blight/nuisance ordinance will be put into effect after review by legal counsel and passage by the township board of trustees. Ideally, property owners would clean up their property without being cited and have to appear in court. The blight that has been building for some time has to be addressed. Hopefully, this will prompt people to take care of the problem. More as the situation develops.

Planning Commission Meetings

All planning/zoning meetings are open to the public. As of this writing, we don’t have regularly scheduled meetings like the township board does, but I’m hoping to change that. At the present time, I encourage anyone interested in attending a meeting to contact the planning commission chairman Jeff Webster at (989) 756-3212 or Paul Birkenbach at (989) 820-0646.

Monthly Board Meetings

Regular board meetings are the first Tuesday of each month and are held at the firehall in Whittemore during the winter months. Attendance by township residents is strongly encouraged.


The brush has been cleared out from the front of the cemetery to possibly make room for new fencing. Mr. Randy Dixon did a fine job with the clean up and will continue removing brush and the old “out house”. The board will be studying a proposal to have a professional cemetery mapping service find unmarked graves and plat the eastern half of the cemetery.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

September 18, 2022

Alabaster Road Bridge

I contacted Bruce Bolen of the ICRC and he told me that the bridge bundle that our bridge is part of will be bid out in July of 2023. The road commission has no control over this, so let’s not get upset with them.

Upcoming Election

The November election is fast approaching. If anyone needs an absentee ballot please contact Stacy McClure, our township clerk, and she’ll get one out to you. Please vote. It’s a right we shouldn’t ignore. Apathy is not an option.

Dust Control

The fall spread looks to be working pretty well. The road commission got the roads smoothed out pretty well, so lets hope they hold up until the freeze.

Hall Improvements

The township board has been discussing some improvements to the hall since we have some ARP money left. Personally, I’d like to see that ball of boa constrictors (otherwise known as the existing water piping) changed out to make things a little more user-friendly. Especially for Everitt, who drains and closes the hall for us in the Fall and opens it back up in the Spring. I’d also like to see a new well put in, as we’ve had issues in the past.

Others have ideas ranging from new cabinets to flooring. If anyone has suggestions, please pass them along to one of your board members.

I’m thinking a new flag pole might be a good idea also.

Have a good day everyone.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

August 3, 2022

Cold Climate Heat Pump Program

I received some information concerning a possible free electric heating/cooling system for people who currently heat with an electric heating system. You can check it out under Upcoming Events/Notices here on the website. There is contact info there for anyone interested.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

July 18, 2022

Whitney Creek Bridge/Alabaster Road

I received an update from Bruce Bolen of the Iosco County Road Commission concerning the Alabaster Road bridge. It reads: 

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the Alabaster Road bridge. We have been officially approved for phase II of the MDOT Local Agency Bridge Bundle. That means the state (using federal dollars) will be funding 100% of the cost to replace the bridge. We have some draft timelines, but nothing definite on scheduling yet. I will keep you informed as I receive more concrete information on the process and scheduling.

The road commission is staying on top of the situation and will keep us informed of any progress or lack thereof.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

June 13, 2022

Dust Control

The dust control has been applied and that should make life a little less dusty. They were ready to go earlier, but with a lack of moisture in the road surface it would’ve made grading nearly impossible. As soon as there was moisture in the surface the ICRC, started grading and dust control followed right behind. I try to get it started earlier each year, but by the time we get quotes and the board votes it puts us behind. Let’s hope we can get it on pre-Memorial Day next year.

Township Clean-Up Day and Tire Drive

On 6/4/22, the Township held the Annual Clean-Up Day and Tire Collection. We actually had fewer people and less refuse than in previous years. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the fact that we have weekly trash pick up now with the availability of a large item once per month. Maybe there was just less trash to collect.

The tire collection was successful, as we nearly filled the trailer. I’d also like to thank those who volunteered to help. The event was held at the Keystone Mining property. Site manager John Girven volunteered the space and used a large excavator to compact the trash so we could get more in the containers, like Spencers used to do. Mr. Girven was a great help and offered to let us do the collection there again next year. Thanks also to the to young men from the community service program ran from the Iosco County courthouse. I’m told they did an exemplary job by those who worked with them. Thanks again Nick and Chris.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

May 30, 2022

Clean-Up Day 2022

The annual clean-up day is set for 6/4/22. We’ll be opening up at 9:00 am and plan to be there until 2:00 pm. Tires will also be collected, so bring them if you have them. I plan to place a sign at the end of the new driveway on M-65 going in to the Keystone Mining property. It might be a good idea to bring some muscular help if you have any heavy items to discard, as help may be limited.

Dust Control

I contacted our dust control guy and was told he will be able to get started around June 1-2. The road commission is ready to go, so that shouldn’t be cause for delay. Let’s hope for favorable weather so the work can get done.

As we celebrate Memorial day, take time to remember those who made and continue to make our freedom possible.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

May 9, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day!

Whitney Creek Bridge/Alabaster Road

I received a message from Bruce Bolen of the Iosco County Road Commission concerning the Alabaster Road bridge. It reads: 

I was hoping by now that we would have received final word from MDOT that our Alabaster Road bridge project has been approved within the $194 million bridge bundle, but we have not. To reiterate from information I presented at your last Board meeting, we have been included in the bridge bundle list MDOT submitted to the legislature. I believe the legislature needs to sign off on the list of bridges selected before the list is formally approved. I have been in contact with MDOT to try and find out what the official process is, but have not heard back from them. I will update you as soon as I have more information. Thanks.

The road commission is staying on top of the situation and will keep us informed of any progress or lack thereof.

Road Graveling/Repairs

We will be getting some road graveling/repairs done soon by the road commission.  We still will have some money left in the road and bridge account after the work is done, so if anyone has a problem with a section of their road you can contact any board member and let them know. We can always do more road work later in the summer before the fall dust control is applied.

Dust Control

The dust control contract has been awarded to Eastern Dust Control and they are hoping the weather is compatible so they can begin the application as soon as our road work is done. The amount of moisture in the road surface contributes to the longevity of the product that is used, so we might have to wait a little longer. Please be patient-we want it to last the summer or until the fall spread.

Flagpole Replacement

By now, pretty much everyone knows that the flagpole at the hall is mostly missing.  It had bent in the wind and broken off. I picked up the flag and delivered it to the American Legion Hall in Hale where it will be properly disposed of. Be advised, I will NEVER improperly dispose of a flag. That being said, The board got a bid of about $2500.00 to provide and install a new flag pole. This is an aluminum pole that’s 25′ tall. At the meeting we tabled the flagpole purchase to see if we could get a better deal elsewhere. There will be a flag up for Memorial day. Not sure yet what form the pole will take but something will be there.

Annual Clean-Up Day – June 4, 2022

The township’s annual clean-up day will be held on June 4th from 9am to 2pm at the new Keystone Mining property. The address is 3720 M-65 and is a little south of Keystone Road on the west side of M-65. The entry will likely be the new driveway that I’m sure everyone has already seen. But we’ll have a sign along the road to help guide you in. We also received a grant to collect scrap tires and will have a trailer set up for tires. There is no cost to residents, so let’s get rid of those mosquito breeding ponds.

Fire Department Requests Mill Increase

The fire department will be asking for a 1/2 mill increase on the August ballot. I know it’s hard to vote for a tax increase when gas is $4.29 a gallon. One thing to keep in mind though, is this department is highly-trained and very professional and could be called upon to save your life and property on a moment’s notice. I’d stack these firefighters up against any department anywhere. They don’t waste money-they’re very frugal. Equipment replacement and upgrades are needed on a routine basis. As much as they train to keep us safe, we need to make sure that we keep them safe with the proper equipment. God bless our firefighters.

That’s all for now. Stay safe and if you see a veteran, shake their hand and tell them thanks. We owe them a lot. Thanks for reading.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

March 23, 2022

Scrap Tire Grant

We have received a $2000.00 grant from EGLE to collect scrap tires. It’ll be official as soon as I send the signed contract to them and they return a signed copy to the township. We’re still up in the air about a date for the annual clean-up day and tire collection. May 28 is Memorial Day weekend, so it’ll most likely be the Saturday before or the one after pending availability of a semi trailer and 5-30yd roll off containers. We’ll likely get this worked out at the 4/5/22 board meeting and get letters out to residents.

Muddy Roads

We all have seen the muddy roads. It’s spring and this happens every year in some form or another. As the frost comes out there will likely be some soft spots here and there that may be impassible for a short time. The Road Commission can’t really do anything about it as it’s nature and pretty well out of their hands. Please be patient, it WILL get better.

At this time that’s all the news that’s fit to print (or that I can remember). I’ll keep you posted about anything and everything as things happen and time permits.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

February 20, 2022

Scrap Tire Grant

Still waiting to hear from the state regarding our scrap tire grant. I expect to hear possibly the first week in March. 

Also, we’ll have a new location for the clean-up day and possible tire collection this year. Keystone Mining on M-65 just south of Keystone Road has graciously offered to host the event. Details are being worked out and we’ll hopefully know the date soon. I’ll post it as soon as I find out.

Landowner Environmental and Economic Workshop

Here’s the info regarding the Landowner environmental and economic workshop at the Ruckle farm. It sounds interesting.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

February 2, 2022

Alabaster Road Bridge Update

I received some more info on the bridge over the Whitney Creek on Alabaster Road. It’s from Bruce Bolen who is the Engineer Manager for the Iosco County Road Commission. As follows: The Michigan legislature and Governor have approved $194 million dollars for design and construction costs required for the replacement of closed local (non-MDOT) bridges. The Alabaster Road bridge is included in this funding. We have been told the bridge will be “bundled” (grouped together into one bigger project) with other bridges, but we don’t have any specifics beyond that. MDOT is managing the program and they have told me there will be a conference call within the next month or so to discuss more specifics of the program. I will get back with you after that call and relay the information I receive. Thanks. I’ll post more info as it becomes available.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

January 22, 2022

Winter Township Meetings

Please note that winter township meetings (typically December through April) are to be held at 7:00pm the first Tuesday of the month at the Fire Hall in Whittemore unless otherwise specified. If you have any questions on this or any other township initiatives please email or call any of the township board members.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

January 19, 2022

Spring Clean-Up and Scrap Tire Collection Day

I contacted our friends at Spencer Auto to inquire about having the clean-up day at their location. If you’ll remember last year, there wasn’t enough room at their location and with the Covid situation we just decided to wait until this year and see what happens. I talked to Barb and she told me it would be pretty much a “game time” decision as to whether they’d be able to host the event. Since the scrap tire grant application had to be in by 1/28/22, I decided it might be a good idea to look for a different location. As of this writing, the grant has been applied for and there’s a very good chance that we’ll be able to hold the clean-up day at a new location. I’m not at liberty to say where just yet, but I’ll let everyone know as the plans develop. As always if you have an idea, problem, concern, etc., don’t be afraid to contact any board member. We work for you. Stay warm and best regards.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

January 1, 2022

Happy New Year to Everyone!

After a couple of years that were less than stellar, I’m reminded of a time when mom told me to”cheer up; things could be worse”. So I cheered up and, sure enough, things got worse. I’m hoping that that’s not the case as we enter a new year.

Flag Pole

I’m sure that a few people have noticed the flag pole at the township hall is mostly missing. First, thanks to the person who rescued the flag. Second, the upper section of the pole has a bad curve in it now and has broken off at the pipe coupling. I tried to straighten the top section but it didn’t work out well. We’ll need a new top section and a rethreading of the bottom section or a completely new pole. More as the situation develops.

Scrap tires and Presentation by Mark Ferguson

I received a message from Mark Ferguson of the Tri-County Agency pertaining to a possible collection of scrap tires that would be county-wide. He also wants to provide some info on pollution control on farms and a few other things that should be interesting to learn about. I’m not going to prattle on about it here as Mark will fill us in at the next meeting if he’s able to make it. I asked Stacy to include him on the agenda so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

As always, if you have any issues or concerns please contact a board member or come to a meeting. We want to hear from you. I’ll post more info as things develop with any and all issues.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

December 14, 2021

Keystone Mining

A year or so ago, the township was contacted by a gentleman named John Girven to inquire if we had any zoning regulations regarding mining and mineral extraction. I copied the current regulations (from 2001) and sent the copy to Mr. Girven. At one of the regularly scheduled meetings, Mr. Girven (John) asked to be on the agenda and he and an associate outlined the plan they had for mining Gypsum for agricultural use. 

Their plan called for a berm around the site to mitigate noise, operation during regular business hours, excavation to be conducted on a series of “cells” instead of willy-nilly all over the place, reclamation as the project progresses, etc. All this is shown on the plans and specifications that were drawn up by the engineering firm that Keystone hired. The result of this approximately 30 year project will be a lake of about 40 acres. A water study was done by a firm that specializes in this type of situation to determine the direction and depth of the ground water flow among other things. I personally contacted 2 local well drillers who have many years of experience with wells close to the excavation site, and neither thought there should be any problems. My concerns, as I stated to John back when this all first came about, were if any residents’ water wells would be affected and having the township held harmless in case of litigation. 

In the interest of brevity, I encourage anyone interested in getting more info or seeing the plans for the mining operation to contact a board member. We could also have an informational session added to any meeting agenda where I could make sure a set of plans was available for viewing. I have no doubt that John would be glad to come and take any questions someone may have.


As some people may know, the township voted to let a 500 plant (maximum) indoor grow proceed in Burleigh Township. The location is on the east side of M-65 near the intersection Of M-65 and Duby road. For those who don’t know, the Township also made provision in the ordinance that there can be a maximum of 3 grow sites in the Township. The stipulations are as follows: It must be indoors, on commercially zoned property, no retail or wholesale sales of finished product and no processing. 

Alabaster Road Bridge

The bridge over the Whitney Creek between Mill Station and McClean roads on Alabaster Road. has gotten funding. I believe that Rep. Sue Allor was instrumental in procuring it. The less than stellar news is that scheduling will be handled by MDOT. I’m confident that our lack of registered voters and “back woods” location will play a large part in scheduling. If I can find out any more info, I’ll share it.

Clean-Up Day

Clean-Up Day and tire collection is still up in the air as of this writing. It’s been held at Spencer’s Autos and Parts for years, and I’d like to give a shout out to them for all their help. I’ll be checking with them as soon as I can to see if there may be a chance to have a Clean-Up Day this spring. We have to remember that Spencer’s is running a business and can’t always easily accommodate.

In closing, I invite anyone and everyone to attend meetings. If you have an issue to discuss, I guarantee you’ll get your turn. We don’t always agree about everything but that’s why we talk things out and find a solution. The United States is a representative republic and the township board members work for YOU.  Attend meetings. Find out what’s going on. Apathy is not an option. In case I don’t get to post beforehand, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

October 13, 2021

Sunrise Disposal Delay

Due to equipment breakdowns and a lack of repair parts the trash pick-up from Sunrise Disposal may be delayed by a week. If this happens to you, feel free to put your extra trash in the can or alongside it on the next Wednesday; Brian said they’d pick it up.  He has some new trucks ordered but apparently they won’t be available until February. Hopefully this won’t be an issue for long.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

September 30, 2021

Drain Commissioner at October Meeting

The Iosco County Drain Commissioner (Fred Strauer) has accepted my invitation to attend the October meeting. He asked if I would call him a day or two prior to the meeting day to jog his memory. I’ll be doing that. I can’t guarantee, at this moment, that he’ll be able to make it but we can keep our fingers crossed.

Bridge Work

I heard the governor announce that the next state budget will include money for bridges. Since the bridge over the Whitney Creek on Alabaster Road has been completely gone for a while now I’m sure the governor already has our check written out for the full replacement amount and will deliver it personally. I better get my good pants pressed for the photo ops. Or not.


There are a few things on the burner here in the township and as info becomes available I’ll try to get it on the website. As always feel free to contact any of your twp. trustees with any questions you may have. Have a great day.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

September 9, 2021

Dust Control

The fall spread for dust control is being scheduled with the ICRC and the applicator. I hope to see it started in the next week or so.

Website Updates

I hear comments about the website not being updated frequently enough. I try to get info on the site as it becomes available but this is still Burleigh Township and it’s not like there is a steady stream of issues to trumpet.  I’d like to see more people attend meetings to find out what’s going on and participate in decision making for the township. You might not always get your way but you WILL have your say.


I replaced the flag pole that had been bent over and noticed that a number of headstones are in danger of tipping over.  Some of these are very old and I personally feel they should be cared for. I talked with Rob Eppert, our township attorney, and he told me he had no records concerning cemetery ordinances on file at his office but that the township supervisor can authorize or conduct repairs at the cemetery as they are needed. I am going to make a few inquiries to find out the best way to address the situation.

Drain Commissioner

I am currently attempting to get in contact with Fred Strauer, the county drain commissioner, to discuss some issues of concern. I’d like to schedule his attendance at a board meeting so we can try to get some things repaired. I’m not sure what we can accomplish through the drain commissioner’s office but we’ll find out and proceed from there.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

August 11, 2021

Legget Road

Leggett Road will be getting some new asphalt laid at the intersection of Towerline and Leggett. Approx. 470 lineal feet to take care of the huge holes in that area. It’s tentatively scheduled for end of August or beginning of September.

Alabaster Road Bridge Update

Alabaster Road bridge between Mill Station and McClean Roads is on hold due to a lack of money. Matt Nunn, ICRC engineer, is trying to get the funding arranged but so far no luck. I’ll be checking periodically for updates and will contact Sue Allor to see if she can help.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

July 18, 2021

Property Tax Exemptions

For information concerning disabled veteran and/or poverty property tax exemption please contact our assessor, Timothy Krumm. You can reach Timothy at (989) 218-1599 or

Board of Review

Board of Review information can be found on your property tax statement. If you have trouble locating this information please contact the township assessor for assistance.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

July 9, 2021

Dust Control Update

The dust control has been applied, and even though it’s later than we wanted it will hopefully do the job. The dry spring didn’t do us any favors and caused delays with the road commission getting the roads prepped. As soon as we got enough rain to soften the road surface, they went to work. We had some gravel placed in selected areas, and the next part of the project will be repairs to the eastern end of the paved portion of Legget Road at the intersection of Towerline and Legget. 

Clean-Up Day and Scrap Tire Collection

This year, as we prepared to get set up for a clean-up day and scrap tire collection at the end of May, we were informed by Spencer Auto, where it’s usually held, that they had no room since they were packed full and weren’t sure when they could get a crusher in to start moving scrap out. The township board thought about looking for another site, but the fact that Spencer Auto is willing to pack the trash down in the roll-offs is a benefit that we’d lose (and would likely need more roll-offs). We’ll monitor the situation at Spencer Auto and hopefully we can have a clean-up day in the late summer or fall. At this point though, it’s uncertain.

Gypsy Moths

Gypsy Moths have hit a few areas in the township and some residents have asked about spraying. The township doesn’t have a funding source (millage) in place for this so we won’t be spraying. It might be wise to contact either Plainfield or Grant Township officials to find out cost and availability of a spraying company.

Alabaster Road Bridge

The Alabaster Road bridge over Whitney Creek is in the planning and design stage. The Iocso County Road Commission (ICRC) is still persuing funding sources for the project and we hope they are successful soon.

Township Hall Appliances

The refrigerator and stove at the Burleigh Township Hall are in rough shape and are quite old. The board voted to replace them and hopefully Consumers Power will take the old fridge away and credit us $50.00 on our electric bill through a program they’re running.

Proposed Gypsum Mining Operation

I’m sure by now that most folks have noticed a lot of land clearing on the south side of Keystone Road just west of M-65. A company has proposed a gypsum mining operation that could produce some jobs and leave a nice lake behind. That’s the short story; if you’d like to know more please click here to contact a board member and ask questions.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor