Supervisor’s Corner

Information for Burleigh Township residents about what’s new and progress on current initiatives.

August 11, 2021

Legget Road

Leggett Road will be getting some new asphalt laid at the intersection of Towerline and Leggett. Approx. 470 lineal feet to take care of the huge holes in that area. It’s tentatively scheduled for end of August or beginning of September.

Alabaster Road Bridge Update

Alabaster Road bridge between Mill Station and McClean Roads is on hold due to a lack of money. Matt Nunn, ICRC engineer, is trying to get the funding arranged but so far no luck. I’ll be checking periodically for updates and will contact Sue Allor to see if she can help.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

July 18, 2021

Property Tax Exemptions

For information concerning disabled veteran and/or poverty property tax exemption please contact our assessor, Timothy Krumm. You can reach Timothy at (989) 218-1599 or

Board of Review

Board of Review information can be found on your property tax statement. If you have trouble locating this information please contact the township assessor for assistance.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor

July 9, 2021

Dust Control Update

The dust control has been applied, and even though it’s later than we wanted it will hopefully do the job. The dry spring didn’t do us any favors and caused delays with the road commission getting the roads prepped. As soon as we got enough rain to soften the road surface, they went to work. We had some gravel placed in selected areas, and the next part of the project will be repairs to the eastern end of the paved portion of Legget Road at the intersection of Towerline and Legget. 

Clean-Up Day and Scrap Tire Collection

This year, as we prepared to get set up for a clean-up day and scrap tire collection at the end of May, we were informed by Spencer Auto, where it’s usually held, that they had no room since they were packed full and weren’t sure when they could get a crusher in to start moving scrap out. The township board thought about looking for another site, but the fact that Spencer Auto is willing to pack the trash down in the roll-offs is a benefit that we’d lose (and would likely need more roll-offs). We’ll monitor the situation at Spencer Auto and hopefully we can have a clean-up day in the late summer or fall. At this point though, it’s uncertain.

Gypsy Moths

Gypsy Moths have hit a few areas in the township and some residents have asked about spraying. The township doesn’t have a funding source (millage) in place for this so we won’t be spraying. It might be wise to contact either Plainfield or Grant Township officials to find out cost and availability of a spraying company.

Alabaster Road Bridge

The Alabaster Road bridge over Whitney Creek is in the planning and design stage. The Iocso County Road Commission (ICRC) is still persuing funding sources for the project and we hope they are successful soon.

Township Hall Appliances

The refrigerator and stove at the Burleigh Township Hall are in rough shape and are quite old. The board voted to replace them and hopefully Consumers Power will take the old fridge away and credit us $50.00 on our electric bill through a program they’re running.

Proposed Gypsum Mining Operation

I’m sure by now that most folks have noticed a lot of land clearing on the south side of Keystone Road just west of M-65. A company has proposed a gypsum mining operation that could produce some jobs and leave a nice lake behind. That’s the short story; if you’d like to know more please click here to contact a board member and ask questions.

~ Chris Stone, Burleigh Township Supervisor